Bi-Election will take place February 24, 2021 for Division 1 & 2 which are currently vacant.
First call for nominations will be January 20, 2021
Division 1 – Vacant
Division 2 – Vacant
Division 3 – O’Neil Lavoie 306-837-4147

The pattern as to which positions are up for election is repeat every four years at the present time. 


Mail in Ballots

The RM has passed a bylaw to allow for a Mail in Ballot in order to obtain a ballot you must fill out application forms and present 1 piece of authorized photo ID or 2 Pieces of authorized non-photo ID at the RM office during business hours. Once this is completed a ballot will be sent to you via the mail at election time or if a BI-Election is called during the year. You must register each & every year starting January 1st as this application expires on December 31.